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Need A Part?

Shop quality auto parts for your vehicles in Prince Edward Island.

Auto service

Your Go-To Auto Supply Company in Prince Edward Island

Capital Auto Supply is one of the most trusted providers of automotive parts in Prince Edward Island and its surrounding areas. We are a locally-owned and family-operated company. Having been in the business since 1963, we have gained vital experience that has helped us analyze the automotive needs of Prince Edward Island. As an auto supply store, we always endeavour to provide you with quality automotive parts and supplies for all types of vehicle makes and models, both domestic and foreign. You can find an inventory of new and rebuilt automotive parts for all your automotive needs.

Use Only the Best Auto Parts for Your Vehicles

The right part makes all the difference for your vehicle. Capital Auto Supply provides a wide range of automotive parts, supplies, and accessories so that you can choose just the right auto part that your vehicle needs. We work with some of the top brands in the industry and bring to you quality parts that are built to last. Our goal is to bring a varied collection of auto parts and supplies to the vehicle owners of Prince Edward Island.


All of Prince Edward Island

Find All Your Auto Parts in One Place

Whether you need a part to be readily available for an emergency repair or just want to browse the shop, Capital Auto Supply is the place for you. We carry a large inventory of auto parts, accessories, tools, equipment, body shop supplies and more, so that you can find what you need in the price range that works best for you. We readily provide auto parts, helping you get your vehicles maintained with only high quality products.

Experienced and Quality Services

Rand and his employees have many years of experience in the performance aftermarket industry. And can find what you need at a very competitive Canadian price. There are not many independent auto parts stores anymore, it's nice to go to a shop and get service from people that just don’t depend on a computer and have many years in the automotive industry.



auto parts

Choose From A Wide Selection Of Auto Parts

At Capital Auto Supply, you don’t have to worry about the auto part for your car’s model being in stock or not.

wiper blades

Free Installation Of Wiper Blades

Get the wiper blades installed for free when you purchase them from us!

Our Suppliers

We aim to provide only the best automotive parts and supplies to the vehicle owners in Prince Edward Island. Changing a tire? We have tires, rims, and more. Updating the style of your vehicle? Get seats and steering wheels. Dealing with a fender bender? Shop for headlights, taillights, fenders, hoods, and much more. Our auto parts are supplied by leading brands of the industry. We stand behind every part we sell.

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